Peter Bryant Yeovil Plant Manager handing Kevin Moore the keys of the 4th Mini Mix on the Fleet

Peter Bryant Yeovil Plant Manager handing Kevin Moore the keys of the 4th Mini Mix on the Fleet

Superior manoeuvrability

In addition to our normal sized truckmixers S. Morris can supply Minimix trucks for delivery of small loads of ready-mixed concrete. Ideal for jobs such as garage floors, shed/greenhouse bases, footpaths, patios, domestic flooring, access restricted foundations or any other requirements where the amount of concrete needed or ease of access is limited.

Our Minimix vehicles can carry up to 3.5 & 4 cubic metres of concrete which conforms to BSI quality assured specifications as mixed by our computer controlled production plant.

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Our emphasis on quality & service

  • Meet the clients specification
  • At the right price
  • With consistent quality

We are committed to meeting your expectations and as such all orders are taken by plant personnel who can offer advice based on experience. All our trucks are also fitted with tracking systems so we can provide you with accurate delivery time scales.

  • BSI Quality assured ready-mix concrete
  • Small load from 1 M3
  • Superior access manoeuvrability
  • Specialist Mixtures
  • Competitive rates
  • Professional & friendly advice

About our minimix trucks

Our Minimix trucks are smaller than normal sized truck mixers and offer a more cost effective way of delivering smaller quantities of concrete.

Truck specifications

  • Max gross weight: 18 Tonnes
  • Width: 8ft 6in (260cm)
  • Height: 13ft 2in (402cm)

Please Note: The above dimensions are representative of the standard size for our Minimix vehicles. We can not be held responsible for any variation in actual delivery vehicle size due to the varied trucks within our fleet. Please contact a member of our team if you have very specific access requirements and we can make arrangements accordingly.