Cement Bound Sand (CBS)


We supply Cement Bound Sand (CBS) throughout Somerset and into parts of Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire & South Gloucestershire 

We have supplied many projects ranging from Solar Farms to the Hinkley Point National Grid 400kV cabling over the Mendips

CBS also known as Stabilised Sand and is mainly used for cable installations where a hardened fill for protecting the cable is required with a given low thermal resistivity

Cement bound sand is used as an underground cable thermal backfill to take heat away from the cables

Our CBS is compliant with Energy Network Association Technical Specification (ENA TS) 97-1  Certificates are available on request.

Compliant CBS is used to ensure that a low thermal resistance is given and as a result the material can conduct heat away from the cables that is produced during electricity transmission. The thermal conductivity around the cables is of a known value and will remain consistent for the length of the cable being installed.  This allows the cable the ability to carry the required current and be maintained at the designed capacity.

Can you use any 14:1 sand cement mix?

No, as not all materials have the required thermal conductivity. Our CBS is fully compliant so you can order with confidence

Please order on 01458 223923