For the difficult to reach jobs

S. Morris can arrange a concrete pumping service utilising either boom concrete pumps or pipeline concrete pumps for those difficult to reach jobs. Concrete pumps can transport concrete over great distances, over obstacles, through restricted areas and onto multi-storey buildings or into deep foundations.

We deliver BSI quality assuredready mixed concrete and can arrange concrete pumping throughout Somerset, and parts of Devon.,Dorset,Hampshire & Wiltshire.

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Varied dimensions & strengths


You only need one point of contact for the concrete and pump, this eliminates down time because both services are always supplied simultaneously. You can enjoy a much shorter delivery window and cost savings due to more efficient use of time, labour and administration.

To ensure that we meet your expectations and deadlines, all orders are taken directly by production plant personnel and our trucks have tracking systems installed so we can always provide you with comprehensive advice and a clear delivery time.


  • Specialist mixtures available
  • Competitive rates
  • Professional & friendly advice


About our concrete pumping

Boom concrete pumps

Boom pumps use a remote controlled articulating robotic arm (the boom) to place concrete accurately to any point within reach from the truck. Boom pumps are most suitable on larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping high volumes of concrete, thereby offering labour savings. Boom pumps are available in various lengths of boom ranging from 21 metres to 61 metres

Pipeline concrete pumps

Pipeline pumps use steel or flexible placing hoses to be attached to the outlet of the machine. The hoses then lead to wherever the concrete needs to be placed. Pipeline concrete pumps are normally used for smaller volume concrete placing applications, such as swimming pools, sidewalks, or ground slabs due to their lower pumping volumes when compared to boom pumps. Pipeline pumps are ideal for reaching around the rear of properties or where overhead obstructions such as trees or power lines prevent the use of boom pumps or conveyor trucks